Heroes and warriors V3 free download added to our online store

The V3 version of Heroes and warriors rule book, and the army list book are now both ready for free download on our website.

Changes include

All page references now correct I would like to think so but …….. 🙂

If a rule or similar should apply to all figures in the game, rather than listing all the troop types they are now cover by the catchall term “troops”, again let me know if that works, I’m pretty sure I didn’t catch of them but I will have been close I hope.

The play examples bought up to date.

The shooting examples bought up to date.

The turn example complete bought up to date.

The example army list bought up to date.

Small changes to some scenarios including some points and wording changes for winning conditions and the formatting of the scenarios, so they all should read better.

A clearer definition of winning if playing competition and non competition style games.

The refining of some traits.

Added advanced play options, some of these options add a lot more hard core decision making in the game, let me know if it’s to limiting.

Assigning wounds streamlined and hopefully made clearer.

Multiple combats made more streamlined and hopefully more logical. In a recent play test the other day we had 3 warbands, 2 separate warriors and a hero in a scrum and it really appeared to work well.

Not once during the whole combat did my brain run out of my ears.

Together with a whole list of smaller changes the whole process should be easier to follow.

Games are hovering around the 1 and 1/4 hour in length, which is close to my target design parameters.

Download for free and let me know your thoughts please.

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