Emu dawn, the Great Emu War

Our new skirmish game “Emu Dawn, the Great Emu War” is now available for free down on the Ocker games site. Emu dawn is a quick playing, light hearted attempt at depicting the furious struggle between the Australian apex predator the Emu and the vastly outnumbered Australian military. The rule book comes with extra quick reference sections for both sides of the conflict. Including Major Meredith of the royal Australian heavy artillery regiment, who is hopelessly outnumbered against the Emu Kings feathered hordes. Also because not everyone has Emu miniatures laying about we have included printable counters for Emu mobs (a group of Emus) and the lone Emus from scattered mobs. Download for free and tell us what you think, and if you like them, please let us know on our facebook page. Donations are always welcomed. Give it a crack and tell us what you think.

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