The emu King

Emu dawn, The Australian emu wars, display game at Cancon 2024

The Australian emu wars

The game of emu combat in 1932 Australia.

We will be running display games of our Emu dawn the Australian emu wars game in Canberra at Cancon 2024 on the Australia day weekend from the friday onwards. We hope to see you there.

In drought ravaged Western Australia in 1932 there were many tales of epic battles for survival. One tale included the Australian army and Local farmers, at war against the vast hordes of the EMU King. After many battles an end was called to operations, with the army declaring a hard-fought draw.

But the Emu King never surrendered, and is still watching and waiting for his revenge. The war goes on! But with less machineguns….

An excerpt from the book,

The collective noun for a group of Emus is a Mob. Well sometimes, but not always, because, umm it’s complicated. The word Emu is pronounced EE-M-U (ewe) not E-MOO, which causes fairies to lose their wings, Koala’s to drop from trees and Australians to roll their eyes and quite possibly start a blue in the Pub (bar fight). Just don’t do it!Emus are fast, very fast, very hard to see in the bush, also called the outback, the countryside, (the outside bit with all the snakes and spiders in it) Emu’s are also very single minded, that is, fixated on food and anything that might be food or could be food. And frankly are very annoying in a way that only a 6’ (180cm) giant bird with huge rending claws can be.

Download the rule book from the website and read the history about the conflict and play the game.

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