Emu dawn, The Australian emu wars, display game at Cancon 2024

The Australian emu wars The game of emu combat in 1932 Australia. We will be running display games of our Emu dawn the Australian emu wars game in Canberra at Cancon 2024 on the Australia day weekend from the friday onwards. We hope to see you there. In drought ravaged Western Australia in 1932 there […]

Emu dawn, the Great Emu War

Our new skirmish game “Emu Dawn, the Great Emu War” is now available for free down on the Ocker games site. Emu dawn is a quick playing, light hearted attempt at depicting the furious struggle between the Australian apex predator the Emu and the vastly outnumbered Australian military. The rule book comes with extra quick […]

New Heroes and Warriors V5 update available on the site.

We have just finished our V5 of Heroes and Warriors the ancients and medieval skirmish game and posted it on the site. Plenty of changes, better morale, slimmed activation orders and manoeuvring for warbands and a general tidy up of the document. So, download for free and see what you think, we would love the […]

Heroes and warriors V3 free download added to our online store

The V3 version of Heroes and warriors rule book, and the army list book are now both ready for free download on our website. Changes include All page references now correct I would like to think so but …….. If a rule or similar should apply to all figures in the game, rather than listing […]

Heroes and Warriors playtest game, scenario 5 “water” High res version

We have posted our current playtest of the Scenario “Water” on youtube. Current testing is showing games run under an hour and a half, with most being closer to an hour. Have a look and tell us what you think on our Facebook page. Ocker Games. | Facebook We are slowly improving our videos and […]

A new free copy of the Heroes and warriors skirmish game is available for download.

The new edition of Heroes and warriors is now available for download.Changes include the followingLine of sight changed a little, you can now shoot over a crest and count cover.Charging. Rules expanded so you can charge multiple warbands, and with that I just realised there is no guidance on how to resolve multiple fights. See […]

New army lists available for Heroes and warriors skirmish game.

So far I have completed the following 30 lists.Please let me know where I have gone wrong on our facebook page, (1) Ocker Games. | FacebookEspecially with each warrior and  traits you think they should have.The latest version has changes to points and content together with some new lists.ScythianEarly PersianHoplite GreekEarly IndianEarly RomanGaulSamiteLater PersianAlexandrian MacedonianCarthaginianNumidianEarly […]


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