A short outline of our “Ourrah pobieda! (Hurrah for Victory!)” quick play WW2 skirmish game.

I thought I would give an rough and short outline of our “Ourrah pobieda! (Hurrah for Victory!)” quick play WW2 skirmish game. 28m, 15mm and 1/72 sized miniatures will work or any size really.
At the moment I envision games with up to 20 figures a side with additional Support teams ( mg teams, light mortars, artillery, observers and so on).
Games will be an hour up to an hour and a half maximum game length.
Random activation of units (I have gone with the catchall “sections” rather than use every countries many different terms) using a system of counters drawn from a bag, both sides having the same number of counters.
At the moment it is 8 counters that will be used for all sections activations/ actions, but that may change. Activation counters may be permanently traded for in game effects.
The 4 “I call on the gods!” counters in our “heroes and warriors” game, will be re-named “Grit” counters (unless I or you can think of a different term) that can be used to re-roll all your dice in combat or charging or possibly other effects. We have found it takes some of the swing out of the random parts of the game and adds some tactical choices to the game.
When a section is activated it may conduct; move, shoot, aim, run, charge, rally, hide, infiltrate, fortify and Cover (overwatch). Some support teams will have additional actions available to them. Such as, Observe (for observation teams such as mortar team spotters), Heal (Medics), pack/ unpack for some support teams such as MMGs and so on.
Those that are not on a single base, such as Support weapons will have four states; alive, suppressed, wounded and dead.
Support weapons will have four states, alive, suppressed, ineffective and destroyed.
Mechanised support at the moment is limited to asymmetric scenarios in attack and defence. Such as one side without mechanised support defending against one side that has mechanised support. This is proving to be one of the hardest parts to balance and it maybe that it wont be part of any “competition” based part of the game. But will be part of the options.
shooting will involve suppression fire and area fire for such things as smoke and so on.
Movement is fairly standard with added options such as infiltration.
Hand to hand fighting will involve such things as grenades but in a streamlined fashion but giving flavour of the period.
Outcomes from HTH: fight on, disperse, surrender, follow up and fall back.
This is just short overview to give people some idea of where we are heading.

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