A new version of the “Heroes and Warriors” rules are now available for free download.

We now have a new update for our Heroes and Warriors ancients skirmish wargaming rules on the Ocker games website (V4), please let me know how it looks and what you think about the new changes.

There are quite a few changes, but the main ones are listed below.

Morale is now individualy based and units are a little bit more fluid, there are ways to stabilise morale and these options will need to be explored by the player with more decission points. Support from your heroes should now be much more integral to any battle plans you have.

We are finding the new morale system is working a treat and doesn’t slow down the game once you get the hang of the new system.

Terrain placement has been locked down with no further changes envisanged. But never say never.

The allocation of wounds has changed, you can now allocate single wounds to any warrior in a warband but it will now have morale consequences. The looser (the side who takes the most HTH wounds in HTH) will take a motivation test for all warriors in the warband.

Some shooting and HTH charts have been changed, shield wall being the main one (it had gotten out of hand and was confusing and overly powerful. We think we had that fixed but if your finding it not right please let us know.

We have added some more advanced rule options to the game, with a variety of options on how to use them during gameplay. There is now the option to roll on a random table to add rules variations to the game to ensure each game will have more of a unique feel to it.

We are now doing further work on the army lists, adding more armies and some modifications to the current lists. Changes on current lists include costings as we progress (we are still modifying costings trying to find a balance). Please let us know on our face book page or twitter if we need to change anything at all.



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