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A new free copy of the Heroes and warriors skirmish game is available for download.

The new edition of Heroes and warriors is now available for download.
Changes include the following
Line of sight changed a little, you can now shoot over a crest and count cover.
Charging. Rules expanded so you can charge multiple warbands, and with that I just realised there is no guidance on how to resolve multiple fights. See what you think and please offer suggestions if you think of any.
Charging, slight change for clarity on charging.
Warband, The changing of what constitutes a warband and all the follow on consequences of that change. You can now still be a warband without a leader or Hero, but you have slightly worse morale, shooting and fighting power. Warbands without a leader or hero are disordered.
A few slight changes to expendables, they now don’t count for losses. Hunting dogs will be slightly more realistic. Not a big thing as only 1 army at the moment has them but if you know of any that could have them let me know.
Morale wording changes.
A few slight wording changes for some traits.
The sample turn at the end of the document has a few slight changes.
I think that’s it.
Please let me know what you think on the facebook page at 

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